S. Sriram*, R. Govindarajan


B.D.Acharya and E.Sampathkumar [1] defined Graphoidal cover as a partition of edge set of G into internally disjoint paths (not necessarily open).  The minimum cardinality of such cover is known as graphoidal covering number of G. Let   be a graph and let  be a graphoidal cover of G. Define  such that for every path  in  with, a constant where  is the induced labeling on   .  Then we say that G admits -magic graphoidal total labeling of G.

A graph G is called magic graphoidal if there exists a minimum graphoidal cover  of G such that G admits -magic graphoidal total labeling.

In the paper “On Magic graphoidal graph” A. Nellai murugan [3] proved  is magic graphoidal. In this paper we have proved star  is magic graphoidal as being proved by A. Nellai murugan with a slight change of assigning vertices with odd numbers.


Graphoidal Cover, Magic Graphoidal, Graphoidal Constant.

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