Association of Science and Technology Innovator (ASTI)

Aims & Objective

  • To Knowledge and Technology transfer.
  • To promote awareness of recent developments in science & Technology
  • To publish journal, proceedings and other materials to explore the scientific education and research.
  • To work for the development of science & technology.
  • To work for the fulfillment of standard of living of general public.
  • To assist members/member institutions in form of consultancy with respect to various problems viz. higher education, research, publication, funding etc.
  • To publish books, charts, illustrations, journals, magazines, periodicals for the benefits of the association's objective.
  • To assist the enterprise for getting collaboration with Indian/foreign universities, research centers and enterprises companies.
  • To honor individuals, organizations and institutions with awards of outstanding contribution and achievements in their respective fields.
  • To provide a platform to professionals for discussing diverse aspects related to Science & Technology.
  • To promote the cause of scientific research and education.
  • To initiate steps toward effective industry-academia relationship for upgradation of teaching learning methodology as well as to improve training and placement related activities.
  • To conduct quality improvement programs as a part of continuing efforts for quality education.
  • To organize health related activities for the welfare of community.
  • To create a hub of science & Technology professionals for cooperation and coordination with each other.
  • To perform all such acts as may be necessary for the achievement and accomplishment of the above mentioned aims and objectives and allied social activities and services.

Benefits of Membership

  • Certificate/ ID Cards
  • Valid for time Rule.
  • Concessional page charges if any in  “IJMA, RJPA and IJPA Publications”
  • Enjoy all privileges conferred by the Association
  • Member of advisory board of the Association
  • Preference in all activities of Association
  • Eligibility for applying grants/ fellowship/ scholarships/ awards/other activities